The Story of 33-years-old Young Man who was Diagnosed with Ulcer and Malaria

Project Description
This project was about a 33-year-old guy called Samuel Botwe (Kofi Atta) who lives at Bekwai in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. He was diagnosed with ulcer and malaria by a pharmacist. He was given some malaria and ulcer medications by the pharmacist such as omeprazole, Bus Copan ib and Mugel which was prescribed by the pharmacist. He was not seeing any changes but rather his condition was always getting worse. He had to stop taking the medicine because it was not helping him, so he switched to herbal medicine was boosted his energy a little bit, but he was still growing lean.

He could not visit the hospital due to lack of money. He had no health insurance card as well. When O'mints foundation met our Samuel, he was very sick and he could hardly eat nor walk. He needed urgent medical attention, so we took him to Bekwai government hospital in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

He went there on 9th May 2020 and doctors admitted him immediately due to his condition. He could hardly touch his belly or even bend down. He was on admission for four days. They run some tests on him plus x-ray. The doctors suspected it was appendicitis but after the test results came out, they did not see anything. The medication they gave him whilst he was on admission helped him gain back his strength. He was discharged on 12th May 2020. And to the glory of God, he is now okay and has started working. He can do everything as he used to do at first before he became sick.