The Case of 40-years-old Woman Who Gave Birth Under a Tree

Project Description
This is the story of an illiterate woman who has been together with her husband for 22 years and have 10 children with together. They are both farmers. Her husband left her and the children during her 10th pregnancy. The man took him and the kids to Dominase-Senfi in the Ashanti Region and left them with she was due. Ever since then, they have not set their eyes on him.

They now stay in an uncompleted building which belongs to her. Six (6) of her children are current staying with people as house helps and 4 are with her including the 4 months old baby girl. The uncompleted building has two rooms.

She never attended antenatal care during her pregnancy and even after. She delivered the baby by herself, and this child has just one dress which the mother always washes and dry it every day. No napkin, no bed, no chair etc. The place was too bushy and dangerous for them because of animals like snakes, scorpions etc. There is no electricity too.

One wonderful, retired schoolteacher called Madam Mercy has been assisting them. The children are innocent and did not plan to come on this earth to suffer. They are now school dropouts because they had no books, uniforms and had to beg their fellow students for food.

With the help of our donors and sponsors, we were able to renovate one of the rooms with louvers blade windows, ceiling, plastered and painted the house, bought her a new mattress, carpet, mat for children, and established a business for her.