2021 Summer Festival in Ghana

Project Description
As part of our 2021 activities, we organised the SUMMER FESTIVAL GHANA, which took place on July 9th, 2021 in Ghana. The program's objectives were as follows;

- A workshop on women's and girls' empowerment.
- Free Hepatitis B medical screening.
- Distribution of stationery to students who have been identified as being in need.
- Assistance for new single mothers, widows, and widowers, among others.
- Assistance to the Physically challenged.

Education: We provided 500 customised books, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, and pens to 40 of the most needy students. We also distributed ten new school uniforms to 10 of the most deserving students. The event was attended by the coordinator of Ghana Education Service and her team.

Physically Challenged: We were able to donate wheel chairs and food items to two brothers with the support of The Breasted One Foundation and Elite Ga Ladies.

Widows and widowers: We presented food items and African prints to 15 widows and widowers. According to 1 Timothy 5:3, honour widows who are truly widows.

New single mothers: As we all know, teen pregnancy is on the rise, and the primary cause is poverty. We were able to identify some needy teenage mothers from BEKWAI in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Four of them were impregnated by men who were assigned to work in their village. They have not seen these men since. We had a number of young widows among them. During our summer festival project, we did not only provide them with food items and baby items, but we also empowered them and taught them how to make parazone and liquid soap (shower gel and hand soap).

Health: With the assistance of Oti Amankwah Foundation, we were able to provide a free medical screening for Hepatitis B to everyone in attendance. They also educated them about the risks of Hepatitis B.